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Are Anger Issues in Your DNA? Decoding the Genetic Connection

Updated: Apr 11

A Woman sitting at a desk at work, feeling, frustrated, and angry. Holding head in temper suffering with anger issues. Are Anger Issues in Your DNA or is it just something that happens to certain kind of people

Is anger in your DNA? As a hypnotherapist, I often find myself guiding clients through the tumultuous waters of anger. Angry It's a common scenario its in our DNA, most of us I've learned to control this sid Rachel just leave it behinde of themselves However some individuals who are calm and collected at work suddenly find themselves losing control at th angere slightest provocation when they return home. Understanding and addressing anger is a crucial aspect of my practice, as it is a potent response our brains have developed to cope with stress.

Reacting with anger is just one of the ways our brains respond to the challenges life throws at us. Alongside anger, our minds can also manifest depressive or anxious behaviours when faced with stressors. What's interesting, however, is the differing societal attitudes towards these responses. Individuals exhibiting signs of depression or anxiety are often met with concern and encouraged to seek help. In contrast, anger tends to be viewed less favourably, sometimes dismissed or downplayed.

The well-known 'fight/flight/freeze' response is a fascinating aspect of our brain's automated reactions to perceived threats. Anger, in this context, is the embodiment of the 'fight' part of that response. We are unique individuals, each responding differently to threats. Importantly, these threats need not be physical; they can be as subtle as an argument, guilt over a mistake, feelings of exclusion, or the weight of overwhelming emotions. Remarkably, the part of our brain responsible for safeguarding us from threats cannot discern between physical and emotional dangers.

When a client confides in me about their struggles with anger, my approach remains consistent, whether they present with anxiety or depression. I acknowledge that their brain perceives a threat, and my role is to illuminate how this process works and guide them toward effective solutions. Rather than delving into the intricacies of why they are angry, I encourage clients to explore what their lives would look like without anger and anxiety. This involves a creative exercise where they paint an imaginary picture of their desired emotional state, giving their brain a positive target.

In my experience, aiming for a target is far more effective than merely setting up a series of 'no entry' signs. Redirecting focus from the source of anger to a desired emotional state empowers individuals to participate in their transformation actively. By visualising a life free from the clutches of anger, clients can motivate their brains to work towards this envisioned state. This upbeat, solution-focused approach has proven to be a powerful tool in helping individuals navigate the challenges of anger.

In conclusion, understanding and managing anger requires a holistic perspective that transcends societal biases. As a hypnotherapist, my mission is to guide clients toward a life free from the constraints of anger and anxiety. By embracing the power of imagination and redirecting focus towards positive transformation, individuals can embark on a journey towards emotional well-being with purpose and determination.

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