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Breaking Habits

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Humans are habitual creatures. We use habits to undertake many tasks. Many habits are good, but it’s when they are detrimental to our wellbeing in some way that we need to find a way to

break them. Habits once formed are not easy to break.

What are Habits

A habit is different to a ritual. Habits are automated behavioural activities that we use to add structure to our everyday lives. When you are practicising your habits they give you feelings of stability and security. They are frequently so ingrained that you don’t even realise how reassuring they are for you.

The way we use habits uses less energy to undertake the activities that we do reguarly. They have become automatic. Habits help us in many ways, such as to simplify mundane activites in our lives. However habits formed can be bad habits that have a negative impact on your life. Breaking bad habits can be difficult and more so when they incorporate an addiction.

What are Addictions

Addictions may include nicotine, alcohol, caffine or illigal drugs that have become automated behaviours. They probably began as pleasurable experiences that formed into habit and then became addictions. Other bad habits may include gambling, shopping, eating certian foods or even compulsions like cleaning or counting.

Breaking Bad Habits

Whatever the habit is that you want to stop, you will know that once formed habits are ingrained. Meaning that the habit you want to break can be very difficult to stop.

Habits are formed in the subconscious mind. We are also fearful of the unknown and take the easy route of mainting habits, especially those that reward us in some way, which bad habits so frequently do.

Solution focused hypnotherapy influences the subconscious mind and eradicates the fear whilst replacing the bad habits with coping strategies that empower you to break the bad habits that you want to eradicate.


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