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Cannot Reach Orgasm with a Partner?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Stop Striving to Achieve is the Best Way to Achieve This Goal

If you are reading this because you are unable to or are finding it hard to reach orgasm with your partner, then be reassured that you are not alone. Many women find it difficult to reach orgasm with a partner; this can be the case even after ample sexual stimulation, also known as foreplay. The good news is that there is help available for women who find themselves in the situation that can very soon become a downward spiral.

There may be physical, emotional or psychological reasons or contributory factors or a combination of these. Sometimes there are deep-rooted psychological issues that have an impact on you being able to relax and let go totally. Previous traumatic experiences and health issues like depression may also be contributory factors to being unable to orgasm. There are many possible reasons, even no apparent reason at all. It's all normal if it's what affects you.

Frequently, women in this situation can bring themselves to orgasm when alone but are unable to do so in front of a partner or during sex with a partner.

Sometimes, women feel self-conscious, feel the need to perform or behave in a certain way and frequently, the pressure of trying to achieve an orgasm is a big part of the problem.

Whatever the underlying reason, consider that your orgasm starts in the brain.

Learning where the erogenous zones are is a first step towards success. The most sensitive are:

· The clitoris

· Breasts

· G-spot

· ClitGCa (the clitoris, G-spot and vagina)

Various other parts of the body respond to stimulation, such as the lips, neck, nipples, and face. Get to know your erogenous zones and sexually sensitive locations; they may be unique to you.

Once you know your body’s stimulation points tell or show your partner. A caress or stimulation in the right place at the right time could make a world of difference to your world.

Don't feel a failure if exploring and stimulating these areas doesn't work for you. We are all different physiologically and psychologically, which brings us to the next point.

Don't feel that you have to live up to someone else's previous "performance" or expectations, or even your own expectations. Learning to relax is a crucial element of achieving the desired results.

Whatever the reason behind your lack of orgasm, trying too hard and seeing it as a goal is not a helpful state of mind. An orgasm is not an achievement; an orgasm is both a physical and psychological response that begins in the brain. You are aiming for a state of mind that has you relaxing into sexual activity and being in the moment by letting it happen rather than striving.

Yes, you say, this all seems well and good. How am I going to achieve all of that and come to the right climax?

Remember, you are not alone; this is not an unusual situation and solution focused hypnotherapy (SFH) can help you with your sexual wakening. Whatever you tell your hypnotherapist is in complete confidence, and they've probably heard it all before.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a gentle therapy that works to bring you inner peace and focus your attention on the here and now. These are both attributes essential for achieving your orgasm with your partner.


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