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Coping with the After Effects of Covid and Long Covid

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Scientists are still learning about the various after-effects of Covid, known as Long Covid. What is known is that there is a long list of known symptoms. It is unknown how long these symptoms will stay with people after the initial acute symptoms of Covid-19 have passed.

King's College, London, is undertaking ongoing epidemiological studies regarding the impact of Coronavirus on people and more is being learnt about it all the time.

We know that so far, the physical and mental effects of Covid include:

· Aches and pains

· Breathlessness

· Coughs

· Headaches

· Fatigue

· Altered taste

· Changed voice

· Difficulty swallowing

· Chest pains

· Pins and needles

· Palpitations and dizziness

· Skin problems

· Numbness

· Fear and anxiety

· Problems with memory and concentration

· Low moods, feeling guilt

Those who spent time in hospital and required oxygen to help them breathe or a ventilator to breathe for them are likely to need anything from weeks to several months recovery time after they are discharged from hospital. It is encouraging that healthcare officials expect most people to make a full recovery.

Even those who did not require hospitalisation may experience the after-effects of Covid. Covid has no rule book.

One of the things we do know so far is that we can split Long Covid into at least three syndromes identified as:

· Post viral fatigue syndrome

· Long term Covid syndrome

· Post intensive care syndrome

However Covid impacts you, you are not alone in being impacted in this way. There are various types of help for anyone impacted by the pandemic. Solution focussed hypnotherapy is a popular choice of treatment for many people suffering from Long Covid, as well as a method for overcoming other aspects of the pandemic such as grief, guilt and trauma.


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