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Time to open  up

What Vaginismus is?

Vaginismus is an extremely painful and distressing condition.


Vaginismus is a mind-body response to vaginal penetration. The vaginal muscles at the entrance to the vagina tighten involuntarily, making penetration impossible or very painful. There are two types of vaginismus:

Primary vaginismus - This when involuntary tightening of the muscles means there has never been any vaginal penetration.

Secondary vaginismus - This occurs when there has been normal, successful penetration before, sometimes for years.

In both types of the muscles tighten or contract in anticipation of pain. Added to these are the variations of total or partial muscle spasm occurrence.

Often women are given vaginal dilators to help them with penetration.  However, many women find them extremely hard to use and of course, it’s going to be hard. Because before you even think about using a vaginal dilator, we need to address the problem within the mind.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in to its own.  Hypnotherapy has a high success rate for Vaginismus.

As by using this form of therapy we can change the neuro pathways, rewire the brains behavioural patterns towards penetration, so that the focus is on the pleasure not in pain.

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