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Cultivating Healthy Habits and Coping with Stress at Your Desk-Based Job

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Many of us have desk-bound jobs with opportunities to move about being few and far between. Even when your work is busy, a kind of boredom sets in and your energy slumps. So what do most of us do? Yes, we reach for the biscuits or other snacks to give ourselves an energy boost. Another situation that has us reaching for the sweet stuff as a boost is stress.

Yet, with all that cortisol rushing around your system, sugar is the last thing you need. That's why to optimise your health; you'll need to banish those bad habits. So here are some healthy habits to acquire at work to help:

Take Your Own

Instead of relying on buying lunch and raiding the communal snacks or vending machine when you get a snack attack, take your own packed lunch and supply of healthy snacks.

Water Works

Don’t underestimate the power of water, taking a sip of water when you feel the need to snack may offer a perfect solution. Many people reach for snacks and eat when their body is actually craving water.

Get Outside

Utilise the power of movement and fresh air which should never be underestimated. Go out for a walk in your lunch break, try and steer away from shops and cafes, find somewhere that you can recharge as you loosen up your muscles – including your mind! Going for a walk is a great stress buster.

Find an Alternative Break

We feel recharged when we take a break from work and do something else. Yet, many of us plough on with the work, one hand in the crisp packet or sweet wrapper. Instead, find an alternative way to take a break and reset for your work. Think of something non-work related that you can do at work for a few minutes. Roll your shoulders, stretch and find something creative to do for a few minutes. Taking a short break at one and a half to two hour intervals actually boosts productivity without a snack in sight.

Of course, Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy will also help you when you want to change to healthy habits and handle stress at work.

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