Weight Management

Are you constantly looking at yourself thinking I’m too fat I’m too thin and beating yourself up over your weight?

Whether you’re looking for weight loss or weight gain it starts by managing your brain health before you can manage your weight.

We all know to maintain an ideal weight we need to have a healthy and balanced diet and take plenty of exercise and yet so many of us just find it so hard to do. For some that’s easier said than done, either we put on weight or to lose weight.

There are so many reasons for this in the modern world. We are always so very busy and often don’t have the time to plan and prepare meals, so many social pressures on how we should be and look. All of this adds up to stress.  We know that maintaining the ideal weight and the benefits it holds.

  • Decreased risk in diabetes

  • Low blood pressure

  • Decrease risk of heart disease

Improved skin and generally just, looking much healthier

Yet we are still tempted by all the food that is bombarded us, in advertising social media and TV.

Checking Weight

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is not like a fad diet. It’s not going to make you lose weight quickly just for you to put it all back on, plus additional weight once you stop.  Hypnotherapy does not deal with weight, just the stress of your lifestyle. Because when we are stressed and anxious, we release adrenaline, as well as other chemicals, all which contribute to weight disorders. 

These are all related to our primitive mind, that we needed way back when we were cavemen and women to ensure our survival. Unfortunately, the primitive mechanism still runs true today.

Image by Ibrahim Rifath

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