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Anorgasmia or is when a man or a woman are unable to orgasm, it can be extremely frustrating.


When they start to realise the fact that you’re not alone. you will automatically feel a sense of relief Anorgasmia is more common than you think…

Hypnotherapy by help you to relax and let go of any fears or concerns you have during intimacy.

Hypnosis for is an uninvasive therapy treatment. There is absolutely no need for a therapist touch you during this treatment.

Inability to orgasm during sex can often cause emotional problems for both parties and in some cases lead to relationship breakdowns.

There are various reasons for men and women alike to suffer from anorgasmia:


Anxiety about sexual performance


Guilt or shame

Low self-esteem

Poor self-image




Let’s get your big O back on track.

Image by Womanizer Toys
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