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Good Luck to You Leo Grande – Don’t Be a Nancy

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Many women go through life without experiencing an orgasm or even the pleasures of really good sex. Don't be one of those women. We have erogenous areas on our bodies for a reason and that is to gain pleasure from our bodies. No one should ever feel ashamed of gaining pleasure from their body. In the film Good Luck to You Leo Grande, the renowned British actor Emma Thompson plays Nancy, a sixty-something widow. Her husband was a good provider, but their sex life was about him climbing on top, doing the deed, putting on his pajamas and going to sleep. Nancy put up with inadequate sex and faked it for thirty-nine years. Nancy hired sex worker Leo Grande, played by Daryl McCormack so that she could experience sexual pleasure and that elusive orgasm. Don’t be a Nancy.

You don’t have to go to the trouble of hiring a sex worker to learn how to enjoy sex and to explore the pleasures of orgasm. Not to mention the possible dangers and psychological damage that could entail. You already have the power within you to find the pleasures that your body holds. You just need to learn to unlock the door. In the film, Nancy says to Leo, 'you're the first adventure I've ever had in my life.' I find that incredibly sad and what is even sadder is that it's true for many women. Women are losing out on powerful, health-giving experiences through suppression of the female body and pleasurable sex, especially orgasms. Whatever your age or circumstances, solution focussed hypnotherapy can safely help you learn how to gain pleasure from your body and to enjoy real, satisfying orgasms.

Contact me for the non-judgemental help that will change your life and ensure you don't become a Nancy.

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